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  • 6mm BR empty brass and 1 dummy round loaded with 105 Amax

6mm BR Ejection Test Kit


Product Description

The name says it all, this is a dummy round and an empty piece of 6mmBR brass.

Shooters called and asked if they could buy a piece of brass and a dummy round to check functionality of the 6BR and 6Dasher in their rifles before jumping into a whole barrel. Why buy a $90 box of Lapua brass to use 2 pieces of it, find out it won't work and then have to sell it all off?  That's all this kit does. 


Here is the test description to see if your rifle receiver can reliably handle the little BR case both feeding and ejecting. The ejection test procedure is outlined below. 


Test Procedure:

1) Make sure the rifle is empty.
2) Get a piece of 6BR or 6Dasher brass
3) Get a 22 cal cleaning rod and insert it down the bore so that it sticks out the chamber visibly.
4) Slip the piece of brass onto the cleaning rod and press on it until you feel the extractor engage the case rim
5) CLose the bolt.
6) Withdraw the cleaning rod a couple of inches to clear the brass mouth.
7) Unlock the bolt and cycle it back.
Repeat Steps 3-7 several times and change how you cycle the bolt from slow, med, fast, snapped open, etc. You are looking to see if the cases land in the port. ESPECIALLY try it when you rip the bolt back. Many actions have a problem with the little cases when the bolt is opened quickly because the brass hits the back wall of the ejection port, bounces forward into the front wall, then flips around and lands backwards in the port.

This is how we test actions for function with a 6BR and a 6Dasher.

NOTE: Using loaded dummy rounds to test ejection will give you a false function rate because the heavy bullet in the nose will shift the CG forward and drive the functional length out so that they reliably eject every time.

Also note: If you have a loose firing pin or large firing pin you run the risk of cratered/punctured primers.  A large firing pin is usually OK as long as it is tight, sloppy like a factory Rem700 is quite often a recipe for issues.

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