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  • John Hancock barrel tenon just prior to the chamber ream process being started
  • John Hancock barrel with completed muzzle threads and crown
  • John Hancock Rifle Receiver front end, as rendered by American Rifle Company and the NUCLEUS receiver.
  • KRG Bravo Chassis laid out for assembly with the rest of the John Hancock components
  • Patriot Valley Arms' Jetblast muzzle brake, a perfect add-on accessory to any John Hancock platform!
  • Bravo Chassis forend where ARCA Swiss adapter plates are mounted
  • John Hancock Rifle Receiver rear end, as rendered by American Rifle Company and the NUCLEUS receiver.  This shot shows the super smooth dual cocking cam configuration.
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  • Image 9
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  • The John Hancock rifle
  • Receiver Markings

Deposit - John Hancock Bolt Action


Product Description




FULL PRICE IS $1999.95 

Remainder of balance is due upon completion. Deposits are non-refundable.


The "free shipping" is only for the deposit because no actual product is being shipped.  The customer will be responsible for shipping on the finished rifle.



Patriot Valley Arms is extremely excited to announce a huge new product for us!  The Patriot Valley Arms John Hancock Bolt Action Rifle is a 100% Made in USA, turn-key precision rifle.  It was designed specifically for the discerning rifle shooter while keeping the rifle cost inside a hard upper limit of $2000 USD. 

The John Hancock design specifications were determined by the experiences of several competitive shooters with over 150 years of combined experience in long range precision rifles driven by the vision of what a factory bolt action rifle can truly do when a company focuses on the platform performance instead of the profit margin.  We are doing all of the integration work in house, including all of the barreling work with our 100% CNC, proprietary process that has been producing match winning barrels for years. 

The name was chosen due the significance of his role in the American Revolution and his actions leading to signing the Declaration of Independence.


There is a popular story that most of us were probably taught in history class that Mr. Hancock signed the DoI so prominently such that "King George would be able to read it without his spectacles."  Historians have managed to disprove the story and it's just an urban legend although a darn good one.


We chose the name for the rifle because of Mr. Hancock's actions against the tyranny levied against the American Colonies in the 1760's.  He was one of the wealthiest men in the American Colonies at the time and by all conventional thinking he could have profited and kept to himself by towing the line for the British Crown.  Yet when they levied taxes and began searching ships without warrants he stood his ground in the face of unlawful search and unjust prosecution. (Reference The Townsend Acts and the Liberty Affair).  He pledged large sums of personal fortune towards supporting the revolution and the rebellion.  His financial support was a not insignificant piece of what kept the rebellion alive in the years leading to the Boston Tea Party, the Continental Congress, and eventually our War of Independence.  


He is largely known today for being the man with the flamboyant signature but without him we may have a quite different history as a country.  He stood for what he thought was the right thing to do, he stood as an American.


Patriot Valley Arms is a proudly American company with a 100% American rifle.  We are located in the Brandywine Valley in southeast Pennsylvania.  Shortly our new facility will be located on the Brandywine itself, not far from one of the more important battles in the American Revolution.  Mr. Hancock inspires us to challenge the establishment.  It is our privilege to honor his legacy in this way.



The Precision Rifle Series® Board of Directors has approved the John Hancock Bolt Action Rifle for eligibility in the PRS Production Class!

So that is the pitch, let’s look at what the John Hancock has to offer:

  • New receiver developed in conjunction with American Rifle Company.  The center of the John Hancock is the new 3-lug NUCLEUS® receiver branded for Patriot Valley Arms. 
  • The NUCLEUS® highlights include:
    • o   Controlled Round Feed with a Claw Extractor
    • o   Controllable Springfield style, Inertial Ejector
    • o   Interchangeable bolt heads from 223 Rem through 532 Magnums
    • o   Small firing pin arrangement with adjustable protrusion
    • o   Keyed Recoil lug and tension-head locked scope rail
    • o   Magazine compatibility with AICS pattern metal box magazines
  • Rock Creek Barrels stainless barrel blanks
    • o   Each barrel blank is gauged and lapped prior rifling
    • o   After rifling the barrel is hand lapped, gauged and inspected
    • o   ALL chambering and fitting work is performed using a full CNC process at Patriot Valley Arms
    • o   Muzzle threads and caps (included) are 5/8-24 Class 3 for maximum compatibility with aftermarket muzzle devices.
  • Patriot Valley Arms award winning, proprietary CNC process for turning, chambering and fitting barrels is used for all John Hancock rifle barrels.
    • o   100% CNC controlled cutting of all barrels
    • o   100% gaged and inspected for threading, headspace and chamber profiles
    • o   Proprietary match chamber specifications from Patriot Valley Arms’ championship winning rifles are integrated into all John Hancock  barrels.
  • Kinetic Research Group BRAVO™ chassis system
    • o   BRAVO™ features adjustable Length of Pull up to appx 14”
    • o   Adjustable Cheekpiece and magazine well
    • o   ARCA Swiss and RRS Rail Accessory Compatibility
    • o   Black, Flat Dark Earth and Sako Green™ coloring
  • Timney Triggers Featherweight Deluxe 510 adjustable trigger features:
    • o   Pull weight adjustment from 1.5-4 lbs
    • o   Creep & Overtravel Adjustment
    • o   Individually hand calibrated and set to 1.5lb

The next obvious questions revolve around chambering selections and that answer includes more industry unique offerings.  The John Hancock  is available with barrels in the following calibers.  Barrel lengths are posted next to the caliber.  The 6mm barrels are 1:8 twist, the 6.5's are 1:8 and the 30cal is a 1:10 twist.

  • 308 Winchester 24"
  • 6.5 SAUM (no turn) 24"
  • 6.5mm Creedmoor 26"
  • 6mm Creedmoor 24"
  • 6mm Bench Rest Norma 26"
  • 6mm Dasher – Lapua 26"
  • 6mm Dasher - Norma 26"

For the first time ever in a factory rifle we are also offering the hyper-accurate 6mm wildcat, the 6mm Dasher! 

Factory replacement barrels for user-swappable barrels are also available for owners to change without the need to return the rifle.  These OEM supplied, match barrels allow users to keep shooting with minimal downtime and no eligibility issues by replacing the barrel on the rifle.  The Production Class eligibility is retained when a Patriot Valley Arms John Hancock barrel is used for replacement. 

Note: The John Hancock does not come with a magazine because the action uses industry standard rifle magazines and the cost of the magazine could be instead applied to adding more value into the barrel to increase repeatability.


Additional accessories, tools, replacement parts, and spare magazines are available as follows:

Jetblast™ Muzzle Brake

 $  119.95

ARC M10 Magazine

 $    69.95

Factory Replacement Barrels

 $  499.95

Dasher Magazine Kit

 $    34.95

223 Rem Trainer Package

 $  749.95

M10 Magazine w/ Dasher Kit

 $    84.95

ARC M10 Scope Rings

 $  179.95

NUCLEUS™ Action Wrench

 $    74.95



The $250 deposit is non-refundable but can be sold and/or transferred on a case by case basis. 







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