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  • Image 1
  • Kern'l Dump'r Topside Oblique View (note: coloration is renderings only, actual product is aluminum)
  • Kern'l Dump'r Underside View (note: coloration is renderings only, actual product is aluminum)
  • Image 4
  • Kern'L Dump'R installed on lab scale with S-bend straw installed
  • Kern'L Dump'R installed on lab scale with S-bend straw installed

The Kern'l Dump'r


Product Description

Automated powder trickling systems are pretty great however the weak link in many of these systems seems to be the powder cup that the charge is thrown and then trickled into.  They have a tendency to "splash" and move around, they're easy to spill and the short little handles make it near impossible to grab the pan inside a high accuracy balance by those of us with large hands.
The cup assembly weighs a shad over 700 grains. The goal was to have something that weighs 10x more than the average powder charge for a mag caliber. This helps it to sit still when the initial powder dump happens. The engineering concept here being to have a single, controllable mass in the system that is substantially larger than anything else that the influence of low speed, lightweight impacts doesn't move the vessel.
The patent-pending undercut in the cup bottom causes the "splash" of the kernels to roll towards the center and fall back down. So far prototype testing shows it doesn't "leak" even when dropped over 6" with 100 grains of powder.  The handle is long enough that a user's hand does not enter the tight area where the trickler nose and other pieces sit, this is to avoid bumping anything by those with large hands.  For those that don't want a handle, it comes off with 2 little screws.  The cup is appx 1" tall and appx 2" across. Makes it easy to fit into the lab balance windows, under the trickler nose an not succeptible to tipping over.  The pour spout is cut on both sides so the tip over is ambidextrous.  The Dump'r has concave scallops around the outside of it (not flats) to aid in gripping without the handle


Note: The coloring shown in the renderings is for clarity. The KernelDump'r is made from aerospace grade 6061 Aluminum.
If you have one of the straw machines that has a bulk dump and then a trickler coming in from the side you want to take the spike off usually. However, if you leave the spike in there then aim the staw down the side of the air gap that's between the wall of the cup and the side of the spike at appx a 45 degree down angle, the goal being to make the powder "swirl" as the bulk charge is dumped. Then the trickler will turn on and should be aimed at the side of the spike.
If you have a setup that does not have a bulk dump with an afterwards trickler, IE just a high speed trickler down to a low speed trickler and finish up then you want to keep the spike in there and have the trickler aimed offset to the spike but not to miss it.
The most bounce happens with the kernels when they hit nothing and just blast into the walls of a cup unrestrained.
If you take the spike off the hole in the bottom can be filled with the screw and a 8-32 nut or just take the screw and spike off and put a tiny piece of tape over the hole from the inside so it doesn't leak. Then when you use the bulk charge dump with an after-dump trickle you want to aim the straw around the wall, slightly offset and towards the undercut in the bottom of the cup. The goal here is to get the powder to slide down the wall and into the undercut so that it doesn't bounce back up.

An "S" style bend in the straw for the bulk charge dump has shown to be very effective at aiding the Kern'L Dump'R in doing its job.

Product Reviews

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  1. Great Product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Mar 4th 2018

    I just used my Kerrn'l Dump'r for the first time with the AutoThrower, AutoTrickler, and FX120i - it worked great, I used without Adam's cup holder and just sat on the platen directly. It weighed 800.26 grains and did not vary through the whole time I was reloading.

  2. Fantastic 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 14th 2018

    Although it might appear heavier than necessary it will not move when set down. It's rock solid. The handle is the perfect length. Once I made a plastic base that fit the base it sits right in place every time.

  3. Quality Product, Missing Screws 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Jan 18th 2018

    No doubt it's quality. It's solid, heavy, and a superior option to the flimsy junk that came with my Auto Trickler V2 and Auto Throw kit.

    However, it didn't have any screws with it to attach the handle with. I luckly, had some of the proper thread pitch and diameter on hand so I didn't need to make a special trip to the store. However, those screws were entirely too long. Trimmed them off with a cut-off wheel and of course, in the process, marred up the cup.

    So, I'll say this much- put those screws in with the product, and you'll have 5 stars.

    PVA: This product does come with the screws, unfortunately we forgot to include them in this customer's assembly. We have contacted the gentleman to send him the screws so that his unit is complete.

  4. sweet lil dumper! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jan 3rd 2018

    I’ve had my kernel dump’r a couple weeks now and have not missed one kernel. Much better then the standered short tray. Highly recommend.

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