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Tripods and Accessories

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    COMP-40 Tripod

    COMP-40 Tripod

    Our next shipment of tripods is expected around May 1, 2019. Pricing on these pre-orders will be $499 for the tripod. We are currently taking pre-orders of 50% down with a $50 cancellation fee.  The latest addition to our match-winning equipment...

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    SC-44 Panning Ball Head

    SC-44 Panning Ball Head

      The SC-44 Ball Head is an extremely sturdy, panning type ball head.  It features individual levels for aiding in engaging long range targets from uneven surface.  It interfaces using ARCA-style compatible clamp that has...

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  • Tripod Tac Table

    Tripod Tac Table

    This Tac-Table can be used as a platform with a Reaser, Fortune cookie and similar bags. It has a built in carry handle and other slots you can use to strap things to it.  This comes standard with an Arca Plate that mounts to the bottom of the...

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