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Barrel Twist Rates

Barrel Twist Rates

Button Rifled

Cut Rifled

.224 – 7tw

.224 – 7tw Standard; 6.5tw, 8tw Available on Custom Order

6mm (.243) – 8tw

6mm (.243) – 7.5tw Standard; 7tw Available on Custom Order

6.5mm – 8tw

6.5mm – 8tw, 7.5tw Available on Custom Order

7mm (.284) – 9tw

7mm (.284) – 9tw Standard; 8tw Available on Custom Order

.308 – 10tw (8tw Available)

.308 – 10tw Standard; 8tw, 8.5tw, 9tw Available on Custom Order


Other twist rates may be available. Please reach out to us through the Contact Us page.