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Osprey Barrel Works FAQ

Osprey Barrel Works - Who/What are they?


Osprey's are, in a nutshell, a high end precision rifle barrel blank.  The blanks are 100% produced on modern CNC equipment from 416RR CReS (Corrosion Resistant Steel) aka Stainless.


They are 6 groove barrels with a proprietary cross section profile that shoots long, heavy for caliber, precision rifle bullets extremely well with an advantage especially to the monolithic projectiles (solids).  The higher groove count and smaller individual cross section has shown to be equal in performance to other popular profiles such as 4H, 5R, etc with regular jacketed bullets and increased performance with monolithic copper (solids) projectiles.


The barrels are micro-honed to ensure the best bore geometry repeatability that can be provided today; better than pre-lapping.  This honing allows the bore sizes and cylindricity to be controlled at the micron level which drives a better process downstream from there.  

All the barrels are double normalized (stress relieved), finish lapped and digitally gauged.


Patriot Valley Arms is proud to be the distributor for OBW and offers pricing structure for retail customers and dealers/builders alike.


For more detailed information on the honing, lapping and rifling processes please check out our Barrel Information Resource page HERE