Barrel Nuts

  • This photo shows both the Ruger Precision and the Ruger American/Tikka T3 barrel nut with the crowfoot wrench. Barrel Nut & Wrench - Ruger Precision Rifle

    Barrel Nut & Wrench - Ruger Precision Rifle

    The Patriot Valley Arms Barrel Nut System is designed for the DIY barrel change enthusiast.  Since the Ruger Precision and Enhance Precision rifles have entered the market there has been a push for owners to be able to use any AR15 forend platform...

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  • Barrel Nut for Shoulderless Barrels

    Barrel Nut for Shoulderless Barrels

    Barrel nuts are an often overlooked necessity of the home-shop rifle assembler.  We at PVA strive to produce the finest rifle barrels available anywhere on the market for every action.  Since a solid barrel needs a well made, true nut to lock...

  • Barrel tenon protector caps, shown before laser engraving. Finished barrel tenon protector cap, shown in raw AL finish with laser engraved thread pattern information.

    Barrel Tenon Thread Protectors

    Tenon caps We have them for the following action patterns and prefits.  These are made to keep the precision threads safe on switch-barrel platforms when the barrel is not in use. Savage prefit TL2/TL3/Origin/Nucleus/Savage...