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Terms and Conditions

The nature of custom firearms is that they are inherently custom built. This creates the necessity that custom-made and custom-machined parts may be ordered and built to specification. These parts are generally not interchangeable from rifle to rifle and as such all custom parts require full payment at the time of order. Subsequently, upon build commission and payment for parts the Customer becomes the owner of these items. No custom parts will be ordered without payment for these custom components and no services shall commence without all parts on hand.

Should the Customer decide to change these parts or discontinue the build commission prior to completion of the rifle project all of the parts are property of the owner and will be returned to the owner immediately upon request and payment of any outstanding component or labor charges associated with said components.  Labor charges associated will be billed at $150/hr with a minimum bench fee of $75 if there is not already a published price for the work performed. 

Quoted lead times are approximate.  Patriot Valley Arms attempts their best estimate to adhere to lead times quoted however if there are issues that arise which are out of the control of Patriot Valley Arms such as parts shortages, delivery problems, Customer requested changes or other unforseen issues the lead time may vary.  Cancellation based on lead time for custom ordered work is not accepted unless no work has been performed.  Cancellations on orders where work has been performed but not completed for an aforementioned reason is covered below as part of the cancellation policy. All cancellation and change requests must be confirmed in written form, no verbal discussion will be honored for change or cancellation requests.

The Customer retains sole discretion to sell any of the unused/unmodified components to Patriot Valley Arms at the time of cancellation. Patriot Valley Arms retains sole discretion to purchase any components from Customer at time of cancellation. 

Patriot Valley Arms retains discretion to accept use of Customer's chamber reamer. In the case of proprietary/wildcat cartridges Patriot Valley Arms may require that a Customer requesting a custom-ground reamer to purchase and retain said reamer/gauge set at the time of job completion. 

Unless prior arrangements are made between Patriot Valley Arms and Customer, Customers are responsible for all outstanding payments before shipment of completed projects. 

Additionally, all outstanding payments are due through Cash, Check, USPS Money Order, or Credit Card within 2 weeks after notification of project completion.

Patriot Valley Arms will ship all components back to customer at time of cancellation within 3 business days of receiving and verifying all outstanding payment for any components and/or services. 

Services that are included with custom ordered parts are refundable only before any work has started. All parts are non-refundable once parts are ordered or within 48-hours of order placement; whichever is sooner. All custom ordered parts which have not been modified from originally ordered condition may be returned or cancelled for a 25% cancellation fee.

In-stock parts may be returned in original condition without any use within 21 days. After 21 days the parts become non-returnable unless proven defective. All barrel blanks ordered custom upon customer request are non-refundable 48 hours after the order is placed with the part manufacturer/supplier used by Patriot Valley Arms. Cancellation of orders for any parts that have not been shipped by the Patriot Valley Arms vendor will incur a 25% cancellation fee.  Returned parts which are not defective shall incur a 25% restocking fee and buyer is responsible for returning the components in original condition.

If any portion of this agreement is found to be unenforceable it does not invalidate the entire agreement, only the portion unenforceable.  All disputes that may arise shall be arbitrated and/or litigated as necessary in Chester County, PA or The Eastern District of Pennsylvania.  

Any additional considerations or requests must be agreed to with Patriot Valley Arms management prior to order placement.

All products ordered through Patriot Valley Arms that are produced by another company and sold through Patriot Valley Arms require that any and all customer warranty issues be handled directly with that company. All products and services purchased through Patriot Valley Arms are done so at the customer's risk. Patriot Valley Arms will not warranty or support any products which have been modified by any other party at any time after leaving Patriot Valley Arms, LLC.

Any and all performance concerns with regards to rifle accuracy, function or reliability must be discussed with PVA management. Patriot Valley Arms offers absolutely no warranty for speed of any firearm barrel product. Accuracy expectations are all based on match quality rifle ammunition and firearm components being used in validation. No specific brand of ammunition is warrantied with PVA products for performance.

Thank you,

Patriot Valley Arms, LLC


Current Rev 2/2021

Previous Rev 9/2019