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Shipping Rifles/Actions To PVA

When sending in a rifle or barreled action please remove all unnecessary components (ie scope rail, trigger, stock, chassis, etc). Triggers are very prone to breaking during shipping. We don't need them for a barrel install. Bolts can broken during shipping so please take care in packing them. We usually wrap them separately and out of the rifle. Include a copy of your current driver's license in the box as well as order number and any other information pertinent to your order such as return shipping, phone number, and email along with the work to be performed. 
Packing a rifle or barreled action:
We recommend shipping UPS or Fedex. Use paper, not bubbles/pods to secure your rifle in the box. If you're shipping a barreled action we typically use a 6x6x36 or similar sized box to save on shipping. Please do not ship in a gun case. If you do it will be very expensive and you will have to pay return shipping (typically around $75) if you want your case back. This is typically not ideal for customers when the whole case is worth less than that. 
We strongly recommend shipping insurance for the cost of your firearms and you must send it SIGNATURE REQUIRED. If you have any questions feel free to mail us at or call at 484-696-7874.