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Reloading Accessories

  • Kern'l Dump'r Topside Oblique View (note: coloration is renderings only, actual product is aluminum)

    The Kern'l Dump'r

      Automated powder trickling systems are pretty great however the weak link in many of these systems seems to be the powder cup that the charge is thrown and then trickled into.  They have a tendency to "splash" and move around, they're...

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  • PVA Universal Small Base Die Sized 308 (bottom) and Sized 6mm Dasher (Top) with unsized 308 in the middle.  Note shine towards the base of sized cases, that is the only place the die contacts the brass.

    Universal Small Base Bushing Die

    Product Launch Special Pricing thru 1/27/2019 Only   The Patriot Valley Arms Universal Small Base die solves the age old dilemma faced by reloaders running the same brass across 2 chambers.  Be it 2 different rifles or an old batch of brass...

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