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Cleaning Accessories

  • "The Plug" - Barrel Cleaning Aid "The Plug" - Barrel Cleaning Aid

    "The Plug" - Barrel Cleaning Aid

    Here's "The Plug"   Why? Simple: Over the past decade of making rifle barrels we have seen a sharp uptick in two things with the precision rifle world.   1) People don't clean barrels (the reasons are varied but mostly it comes down to...

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  • Muzzle Jimmy 5/8-24 kit Proper assembly order for Muzzle Jimmy components on muzzle thread.

    Muzzle Jimmy

    The PVA Muzzle Jimmy solves an age-old problem when it comes to cleaning your rifle.  Soaking the bore with solvent to soften up powder, carbon and copper residue without making a mess or using up a wasteful amount of cleaning solution that never...

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