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  • In Stock Match Barrels

    In Stock Match Barrels

    The wait time is finally over!  We have taken years of orders, distilled them into a summary and made the most popular offerings from all of our orders for In Stock barrels READY TO SHIP!  In order to maximize throughput and minimize wait time...

    $675.00 $524.95
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  • Jet4 Muzzle Brake

    Jet4 Muzzle Brake

    The "jET4" is the latest addition to Patriot Valley Arms' popular muzzle brake line-up. It brings a welcome addition to the line of brakes known for excellent recoil reduction, easy installation, and excellent manufacturing quality.  The jET4 ports...

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    Finished pre-fit barrel for an Accuracy Internationl test barrel. PTI barrel with threaded muzzle, ready for installation on rifle.

    Paradigm Carbon Prefit

    Expanding our pre-fit match grade barrels yet again, the latest generation of carbon fiber wrapped barrels is here as a prefit blank.  To avoid confusion with blanks vs. prefits this item is setup to be a standard pre-fit for customers to select...

    $1,049.00 $949.00
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  • PVA Minuteman T-Shirt

    PVA Minuteman T-Shirt

    Folks asked for it, we finally did it!  Here are PVA tshirts for everyday use!.  These are the supersoft, comfortable blend that we have all come to love since NextLevel Apparel came out with the blend. The shirts come in a green/grey heather...

  • Self-timing Rugged Suppressor Mount

    Building on the success of the self-timing Jet Blast brakes we have developed a self-timing, improved recoil reduction mount for the Rugged series of suppressors. It brings a welcome addition to the line of brakes known for excellent recoil reduction,...

    $150.00 $144.95
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    Back of Shirt Back of Shirt

    Shirt -I Stand with PRIME

    Our friends at PRIME Ammunition are fighting for their business after months of shady business practices by their primary supplier.  Help us donate to the legal fund to assist PRIME in fighting for their contracts to be honored. We have 100 shirts...